Skin Saver tool

I finally found the time to update my old skin saver tool. I’ve cleaned up the code a bit, added some extra functionality and just made it work a bit smoother than before. You can find it on my Gumroad page:


Started a new job this week


I started a new job this week. I’ll be working for DICE in Stockholm on a very exciting project. DICE has always been right on top of my list of studios I wanted to work at, so I couldn’t be happier!

nv Eye Rigger

I completed the script I was writing to quickly set up a cartoony eye in Maya. It works pretty good and it’ll save you a lot of time when you’re setting up the eye lids for your characters. And, as outlined by the post below, I think it’s one of the best techniques to rig an eye 🙂


You can find it for the low low price of 5 euros on my Gumroad page:

Best eye rigging technique ever!

I started working on an eye rig solution based on Marco Giordano’s work. All credit goes to him for coming up with it. I had seen it once before, but learned the technique through Wade Ryer’s course. The setup works by having locators ride a curve and joints pointing towards those locators. When you then deform the curve, the locators move, which in turn move the joints, which in turn moves the skin. The beauty about this set up is that it really feels like the eye lids are sliding over the eye ball. I’ve added some driven behavior for looking up, down, left and right and the whole things feels really good when you move it.

Because this is something I’d like to add to more of my rigs, I started scripting out the process. I’m still working on it, but wanted to add a little update on the whole thing anyway 🙂