Moving onto week 2 of the Facial Rigging class: topology. Fortunately for me, I’ve always had pretty good models handed to me for rigging and the topology was most times more than good enough for the task at hand. Or, the model was so low poly there wasn’t really any “topology” to speak of.

The very low poly model of our girl here also had a bunch of spirals and none of the actual loops you would need for rigging or animating. So I took the cutting tools to her and cut in some loops that will be needed later on. I wish I had access to Topogun. Maya’s quad draw tool works just fine, but from the videos it seemed that Topogun just looked easier to work with. You get a lot of geometry clipping through your guide mesh in Maya which makes life a shit ton harder than it really should be. The overall functionality is fine, but getting everything to line up can be a pain in the ass. So I actually continued to switch between my entire scene and isolate select of the mesh I was working on. The cool thing is that your geometry will still respect the Live Mesh you set up, even though it’s not visible in the viewport. Just move the verts around and you can trust that they’re on the guide mesh, pretty nice.

Anyhoo, here’s our little missy at this point in time.  I’m waiting for feedback from Wade and the rest of the class and then I’ll move on.




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