Liftoff teaser

For a while now we’ve been tinkering and playing around with a drone racing game at LuGus Studios. I made the early prototype that got the attention of Immersion RC and Fatshark, just about the biggest names in the FPV world. They loved what they saw and wanted to invest in making a proper drone racing game. So I got to working again and put built a game ready model of Immersion RC’s Vortex drone and put together a small teaser trailer.

The drone model was rebuilt using an prototype CAD model that was provided by Immersion RC. I brought it down from millions of polygons to about 25.000, which looks pretty decent for close ups. The environments were set up in Unity 5. Although I would have preferred Unreal Engine 4, the new lighting model and PBR shaders in Unity also work pretty OK. It did cost a lot of effort and some shader rewriting, but people seem to like the look of the game. It looks a whole lot better than what I did in Unity 4.6 back in December 🙂

The trees are Speedtree trees of course, there’s really no reason to use anything else but Speedtree for vegetation. The things you can buy in the Asset Store are pretty great, a $19 subscription for the modeler gives you the opportunity to make any type of tree you want. If you’re ever in need of trees, look no further 🙂

The music and sounds for the teaser were made by Pascal Geleijnse. An awesome guy and he makes some kickass music to boot. Check out some of his stuff here:

The game has just been announced (May 11th 2015) and we’re shooting for a release somewhere in 2016. Be sure to like the official Facebook page and check out the website.