It has begun!

I remember when I first saw the links to CG Society’s workshops many, many years ago. They always looked extremely fun to do, but I could never spare the time nor had the money to spend on them unfortunately. Luckily I am now in a position where I have both some extra time and some extra money to enroll in one of these and I must say that I’m pumped! 🙂 Character Facial Rigging For Production started yesterday, with Wade Ryer mentoring the class. He sounds like a very relaxed teacher with most likely more knowledge about facial rigging than anyone in the industry. Super stoked to be learning from this guy.

Although a model is provided for the class, I couldn’t help but think this girl would actually be pretty great to rig up. You may remember her from such events as that one issue of 3D World Magazine from god-knows-when and That-One-Time-I-Had-Nothing-To-Do-In-The-Eurostar-Terminal. Super excited to bring this girl to life!



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