Getting ready for joints and what not

Rigging class update: got some pointers on the topology. It was definitely good enough to work with, but it was pointed out that she could do with a couple more edges around the brow area. She also had a bit of a smile, which isn’t ideal when you’re going for a neutral pose. So I added some loops, moved the vertical edges around a bit as well in the brow area so everything is more evenly spaced. I reshaped her eyebrows to follow the curves of the face better and I gave them same amount of subdivisions in the same places as on the face.

Other than they I remodeled her eyelashes to make them less prominent and added smaller ones on the lower eye lid as well. Got rid of the cornrow hair and put something in temporarily for the time being. I totally suck at modeling or sculpting hair by the way 🙂 I also gave her some glasses because I figured it would be a fun accessory for her to play around with.

I still need a name for her. My wife thinks she looks like a Kate or Katherine. Does she?


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