I think I made a better version of Unity 5’s standard shader.

Warning: big wall-o-text and I’m ranting and venting. But there are some pictures near the end, so there’s that.

We solely rely on Unity at the studio I work for at the moment. Mainly because before Unreal Engine 4 was released, options were limited and Unity’s pricing and flexibility was pretty awesome. The landscape in 2015 has changed quite a lot since Epic launched Unreal Engine 4. It changed even more when Epic gloriously decided to get rid of the monthly $19 price point. Everyone and their dog had the opportunity to try out Unreal and the differences were pretty obvious. For me, one of the best things shipping with UE4 is the material editor.

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Depending on when you read this, you might see and orc/ogre as the background of this site. I modeled it ages ago but never got around to texturing it. Mainly because I’ve always been extremely shitty at texturing. I find it pretty difficult to paint in Photoshop on a 2D image and then imagine it on your model. Going back and forth always took me a lot of time and I never enjoyed doing it.

But I’m really finding my groove in Substance Painter. Painting directly on the model with the wide range of tools the program offers is extremely fun. Or, as I once described it some time ago:

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FPV Drone racer prototype

This is something I built in December 2014 as a proof of concept for something we were talking about at the studio. We’ve seen these amazing videos of people racing their drones and it seemed like a great idea to actually make a game out of it. Especially because nothing like this exists at the moment. Nobody really got into gear to start exploring this further, so I thought “fuck it, I’ll do it myself”. Because Unity is still the number one engine of choice at the studio, I built a working prototype in Unity 4.6. I think it took about a week or 2 to go from drawing board to what you see here and it was a blast to make it. Other than the drone and the terrain and textures, all assets were purchased on the Unity asset store.

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