About Me

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I’m a 31 32 (damn I’m getting old…) year old technical artist from rainy ol’ Belgium.

I’ve been professionally active in the 3D and gaming sector for about 5 years. Usually you’ll find me rigging characters, playing around with Unreal’s material editor or just trying to make something awesome. I’m passionate about spreading my knowledge and teaching people some of the tricks I’ve picked up during my own trials and errors. Because of my interest in both art and programming, I love being the bridge between programmers and artists.

I’m very proficient in Autodesk Maya and have a solid understanding of scripting in MEL and Python. I’m capable of building pretty complex prototype games using C#. Currently I’m working as a freelance technical animator for NaturalMotion Games on Dawn Of Titans where I’m responsible for skinning, rigging, setting up real time dynamics, animator and artist support and writing tools. It’s great to be able to use Morpheme on the project

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